When it comes to customizing the look and feel of our homes, most of us think of aspects like paint colors, drapery styles, landscape layouts and so on. But garage doors? Surely those are only available in very limited selections and options, right? Wrong!


The welcome truth is that it’s both entirely possible – and surprisingly affordable – to customize your garage door so that it not only compliments your home’s unique décor, but also expresses your personal preferences and tastes.

After all, your garage door is something you see and use virtually every day. Exploring whether a custom garage door makes is a good idea is definitely something you should consider. And to help you make that decision, here are 3 benefits to keep in mind:

1. Enhanced Durability. While all new garage doors are built to last (presuming of course that you purchase it from a reputable company!), the fact is that a custom garage door will give you enhanced durability. Why? Simply because you can personally choose the appropriate high quality materials (e.g. wood, aluminium, glass, and so on), which will then be specifically withstand extreme weather conditions.

2. Re-Sale Value & Curb Appeal.  Whether you own it outright or share ownership with your friendly neighbourhood bank, the fact remains that your home is almost certainly your most valuable asset. And so when it comes to making major home improvements, it makes sense that you’d think ahead and determine how today’s expense could impact tomorrow’s resale price. A custom garage door not only adds to your home’s overall re-sale value, but it boosts curb appeal to attract more eager buyers.

3. Fit & Finish. A custom garage door will be precisely crafted to fit only one place in the world: your garage! As a result, even the slightest imperfection or imbalance in your garage’s design (e.g. uneven floors) will be compensated for. The result will be the kind of fit & finish that you’d associate with luxury vehicles or custom jewelry. It’s a level of perfection that you can see, feel and will want to tell your neighbours and friends about!

Your Best Advice: Talk to the Experts

Choosing whether a custom garage door is right for you is an important decision – but it shouldn’t be a stressful or confusing one. Give our friendly and highly experienced garage door specialists a call today, and we’ll clearly and completely answer all of your questions. We can also show you photos and samples to help you better understand the ins and outs of custom garage doors.

And if you do indeed decide that it’s the right option for you, then be assured we have the people, the products and the prices to put a smile on your face now and for decades to come.

Call us – we’re here to help!