ILLINOIS – LiftMaster has introduced the LiftMaster 8550W, 8587W, and 8557W Elite Series residential garage door openers, their first with built-in Wi-Fi, enabling consumers to easily get connected for smartphone control without buying additional hardware.

The new LiftMaster Wi-Fi-enabled openers, like other LiftMaster MyQ-enabled residential openers, give users the ability to control the opener from anywhere with a smartphone via the free MyQ App, as well as from a tablet or computer. While all other LiftMaster MyQ-enabled residential openers require the additional purchase of the Internet Gateway (828LM) to permit connectivity, these new LiftMaster openers allow for a direct connection without the Internet Gateway. The easier connection method is also intended to drive additional usage of the MyQ App, which increases customer loyalty.

“MyQ-connected consumers are more likely to come back to their original dealer for service and sales and recommend that business to their friends,” said John Villanueva, Vice President, Marketing.

“That’s why it’s so important to make it easy to get connected, and there’s no simpler way than with new LiftMaster Wi-Fi-enabled openers.”

The new LiftMaster 8550W, 8587W, and 8557W openers replace the LiftMaster 8550, 8587, and 8557 openers; however, LiftMaster will continue to offer repair parts to service the older units in accordance with all warranty and service related policies.

In addition to the new Wi-Fi feature, the new LiftMaster 8550W is powered by a DC motor and comes standard with LiftMaster’s fully integrated Battery Backup system, which permits operation for up to 20 cycles in a 24-hour period when the power is out. The new LiftMaster 8587W and 8557W openers also continue to feature the 3/4HP AC motors of their predecessors. The LiftMaster 8550W, 8587W, and 8557W openers are all outfitted with Security+ 2.0 technology.

In addition, setting the force and electronic travel limits is simple with the built-in automatic guidance feature, which means less time on the job adjusting the limits manually. During installation, the opener’s limit and force settings are programmed once by the touch of a button and will automatically readjust to adapt to weather and environmental conditions, requiring less maintenance and fewer callbacks to dealers for simple readjustments.

Finally, Timer-to-Close functionality allows users to set the time after which their garage door will automatically close, safeguarding the home. Because this feature allows the garage door to be closed without being in the “line of site” of the door, these units comply with UL325 codes which require audible and visual warnings to occur for 10 seconds before the door begins to close.

“The LiftMaster 8550W, 8587W, and 8557W give professional installing dealers the ability to realize maximum profit potential by creating more up-sell opportunities, while increasing customer referrals to their business and reducing callbacks,” said Villanueva.