The weather’s getting warmer and that means Spring Cleaning is just around the corner. This year, as well as cleaning the garage, remember to inspect your garage door system for any damage that may have been done by Old Man Winter.

Although garage doors are built for long-lasting performance – snow, wind and freezing temperatures can take a toll on garage door materials and mechanisms. A yearly inspection and maintenance will catch any issues before they become safety and security problems – and ensure that your garage door will be trouble-free during the warm weather months.

Here are 4 tests you can perform by yourself to prepare for the Annual Inspection and Maintenance:

1. Visually inspect all moving components.

While standing inside your garage with the garage door closed, inspect the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, tracks and hinges for signs of wear or damage. Are the hinges loose? Is the cable fraying? If something doesn’t look right – or sound right – it could be a symptom of a developing issue.

2. Check the garage door balance.

Close the garage door and disconnect the automatic opener. From outside the garage, lift the garage door manually – it should lift smoothly, with little resistance, and should remain fully open. If it is difficult to open or does not remain open, the garage door may be out of balance.

3. Test the garage door reversing mechanism.

Open the garage door fully and place a 2 x 4 piece of wood on the floor, where the door meets the floor. Close the garage door, using the wall-mounted opener. When the garage door strikes the wood, it should automatically reverse and return to the open position. If it doesn’t, the reversing mechanism may be damaged.

4. Test the garage door closing-force.

With the garage door fully open, push the wall-mounted opener to close the door. As the door is closing, try to impede its progress with your hands outstretched under the bottom of the door. If the garage door does not reverse easily, but continues to close – the closing force is excessive.

The Bottom Line

Regular Inspection and Maintenance is the Key

Call Ottawa Garage Door Systems to schedule a yearly Inspection and Maintenance, because – while we can’t keep Old Man Winter from hitting us with ice and snow during the winter, we can make sure that your garage door provides safe, secure and trouble-free operation during the warm weather months.