Garage Doors

Ottawa Garage Door Systems offers a wide variety of residential and commercial garage door selection from reputable suppliers in the garage door industry. Our garage doors are more than just a stunning compliment to your home. Garage doors from Ottawa Garage Door Systems are among the most dependable in the industry. We stand behind our products and take pride in our superior service.

Browse through the garage door styles shown below, these are some of our most popular models:

Raised Panel

For those who know what they want, our raised panel residential garage doors take performance and design right to the edge. Each of our distinct designs fit flawlessly with either traditional or contemporary styles.

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Flushed Panel

For those who prefer a more contemporary look, the flush panels provide straight, clean lines for understated elegance, plain and simple.

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Fiberglass Overlay

We started with durable high-definition fiberglass and blended in the design of traditional wood carriage garage doors. The result is a carriage style garage door you’ve always wanted.

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The classic appearance and texture of real wood overlay doors without recurring maintenance.

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Stamped Carriage House

Rustic craftsmanship brings unparalleled warmth and individuality to our line of carriage house style garage doors. Built with handcrafted details and a deeply embossed wood grain finish, this series perfectly captures the appeal of traditional carriage house doors.

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Recessed Panel

This beautiful, recessed panel provides the look of traditional wood frame and panel construction, shaped from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish.

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Stamped Shaker

Clean, simple lines and a minimalist design characterize our line of stamped shaker garage doors. The timeless style, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail will create a lasting impression.

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The embodiment of minimalist design, Sterling doors uniquely combine glass and steel for an ultra-sleek profile.

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Overlay Carriage House

Strength and design come together to carefully craft our 5300 carriage garage door. Shaped from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish, this exceptional collection sets the stage for the rest of your home.

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Wood Overlay

A sense of history underlies this wood garage door, making it unforgettable. Beautifully crafted from either Western Red Cedar or Fijian Genuine Mahogany boards and backed by a rigid steel base, this door recreates the timeless look of wood carriage garage doors in a modern way.

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Horizontal grooves lend texture and interest to Planks doors, creating depth and subtle dimension.

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Skyline Flush

Elevate your home’s style with crisp, clean lines and a geometric silhouette.

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Aluminum Full-View

A dramatic statement, made to fit your contemporary garage door application. Our aluminum full-view garage doors are expertly engineered of aluminum and glass that will give your home the perfect blend of industrial and ultra modern.

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High-Definition Fiberglass

Boasting graceful arches and daring details, these exceptional garage doors set the stage for the rest of your home.

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Carriage House – Classica®

Looks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see wood. Up close, it’s durable, low-maintenance steel. Authentic carriage house looks, modern functionality to complement your home’s exterior.